Research into the biology of aging

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Calico enters into agreement with the Buck Institute to conduct research into the biology of aging and to identify potential therapeutics for age-related diseases

Calico, a company focused on aging research and therapeutics, and the Buck Institute for Research on Aging have partnered to support research into longevity and age-related diseases.

Under the agreement, Calico will have the opportunity to identify, fund and support innovative research, ranging from basic biology to potential therapies for age-related diseases. Calico has the option to obtain exclusive rights to discoveries made under research it supports.

“We are excited to forge this new partnership with Calico, which represents a unique way for academic researchers focused on aging and the biotech industry to work together,” said Brian K. Kennedy, PhD, Buck Institute President and CEO. “It’s a great partnership between two organizations aimed at helping people live longer healthier lives, and we look forward to collaborating with their team.”

Commented Hal Barron, President of Research and Development at Calico. “Given the Buck’s exclusive focus on aging, we believe that there’s great potential to increase our understanding of the biology of aging and to accelerate the translation of emerging insights into therapies”

About the Buck Institute for Research on Aging

The Buck Institute is the U.S.’s first and the world’s foremost independent research organization devoted to Geroscience –the connection between normal aging and chronic disease. Based in Novato, CA, the Buck houses 21 independent laboratories and is dedicated to extending “healthspan,” the healthy years of human life by slowing the aging process. Buck scientists work in a uniquely collaborative environment involving laboratories studying the mechanisms of aging and those focused on specific diseases. Buck scientists strive to discover new ways of detecting, preventing and treating age-related diseases such as Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s, cancer, cardiovascular disease, macular degeneration, osteoporosis, diabetes and stroke. In their collaborative research, they are supported by the most recent developments in genomics, proteomics,  bioinformatics and stem cell technologies.

About Calico

Calico (Calico Life Sciences LLC) is a Google-founded research and development company whose mission is to harness advanced technologies to increase our understanding of the biology that controls lifespan. Calico will use that knowledge to devise interventions that enable people to lead longer and healthier lives.

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